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While many of us aren’t ready for summer to be over, the season is winding down, and cool weather will start to creep in over the next month or so. It is time to begin prepping your home for winter by completing fall maintenance for your heating and air conditioning. Get your HVAC system ready for the switch from air conditioning to heating by following a quick checklist, and by scheduling a tune-up with one
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HVAC Repair Costs on the Rise
Due to issues caused by the pandemic, the cost of materials are on the rise in almost all areas – manufacturing homes, vehicles, and in the HVAC world. Materials have become harder to find and the wait time for certain items has increased from a few days or weeks to multiple months. The cost of raw materials has gone up, as well as labor rates and transportation and fuel prices to move materials. As a
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Why Won’t My House Get Cool
Summer’s heat has arrived and keeping cool is important for your health and comfort. Do you ever wonder, “Why doesn’t my house feel cool?”, even after you’ve lowered your thermostat multiple times. There are many reasons why your home may not be able to keep in the air cooled by your air conditioning system. Some are simple fixes that you can do on your own, and others are bigger, long term projects that require some
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Maintain HVAC
Over the past year, people have been staying home more because of the pandemic. More people are working from home, many students have turned to completing school online, and most of our social activities were canceled for a period of time. Because of this, many homeowners decided to invest in their homes and their comfort by upgrading to a better HVAC system. It makes sense – if you are home for the majority of your
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smart thermostat
You’ve been out in the sun all day. You can’t wait to get home, put your feet up, and cool off. Then you remember you forgot to turn the temperature down and your house is going to be uncomfortably warm when you arrive. It doesn’t have to be this way. Things are starting to heat up as summer approaches, and there is no better time to upgrade your HVAC system by installing a smart thermostat.
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