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Recently we have all heard that we should be more aware of the quality of the air on our homes. Pollen, mold, viruses, and other allergens reside in our homes every day. If you suffer from ailments related to the air you breathe, we may have a solution for you. Look at these products we offer to help you breathe cleaner, healthier air. Ask your technician for details. Air Scrubber UVPhotoMAX™ uses the power of
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Dear Weather Crafters family, I wanted to take this time to let you know what Weather Crafters, Ltd. is doing to provide you with safe service during these uncertain times. We are as concerned as you about the health of everyone, our customers and technicians. Each morning we check with our technicians to ensure none of them have any symptoms of the coronavirus, and if they are experiencing any symptoms, we are sending them home
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Why is my A/C not cold?
1.Replace Your Filters The easiest way to keep your HVAC unit running well is to change the air filters regularly. All of the air that flows through your home goes through these filters, and allergens, irritants, and other floating debris are filtered out. However, as these particles are trapped in the filter, they make it harder for air to flow through. Your HVAC unit has to work harder to push air through, and the dirty
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“Smart” technology is a buzzword that you hear a lot these days, especially when talking about home improvement. Even if you aren’t a fan of smart technology, a smart thermostat might be worth looking into. The main benefits of a smart thermostat involve saving energy and money. Make your home’s heating and air conditioning system work smarter – not harder. Older thermostats can be programmed manually to turn the heat down when you’re away, based
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Your furnace is a key part in keeping your home comfortable during the winter months. It is important for it to run efficiently and safely. Regular maintenance and inspections by our certified HVAC specialists can help to extend your system’s lifespan. However, there will always come a point when you start to wonder, should you replace or repair your furnace? The lifespan of a furnace varies. There are many factors that come in to play:
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