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When to use a Ductless Mini Split
A ductless mini split is something you may want to consider if you are looking into updating your home’s heating and cooling system. While traditional whole-house HVAC units may be what you are used to, updating your home with a ductless mini split is a good option to consider. If you have a new addition to your home, or a small space that needs better heating and cooling, a ductless mini split is worth looking
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Why is my A/C not cold?
With summer here, and temperatures rising, many of us are turning to our a/c unit for relief. However, sometimes you might go to adjust the temperature again and again. This leads you to wonder “Why is my a/c not cold?”. There are quite a few reasons that your a/c unit may not be performing optimally, at a level that is comfortable to you. If you are having a problem with this, there are few things
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When is it time to get a new A/C unit
Coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, an itchy throat, and just overall misery – these are common signs of allergies. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, then you know that these symptoms will go aways once the seasons change. However, if you suffer from pet allergies, relief is something you need all year long. In general, people who have pet allergies are bothered not by the pet’s hair but by their dander. Dander is basically just the
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Our HVAC Contractors Services in Yorktown
The mid-Atlantic region is known for hot, humid, muggy summers and air-conditioning can be a lifesaver when temperatures start to climb. However, your a/c unit can increase your electricity bill a lot during the summer months. The average national electricity bill is about $100 but during the summer, running your a/c unit can increase that to $200. Those of us that live in the mid-Atlantic region know that summer is not just from June to
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Proper HVAC Maintenance Can Help with Allergy Season
Spring is a time when everything is perking up and coming alive, and irritating anyone who has seasonal allergies. It’s hard to enjoy the beauty of the season if your eyes are watering, your throat itches, and you are constantly sneezing. You may think that staying indoors will help with allergies, but in many cases the indoor air quality of a home can be worse than outdoor air because it is trapped and allergens can
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