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With the heat and humidity of the East Coast, it is hard to stay comfortable during the summer without an air conditioning system. While they are expensive to replace, they make our lives so much more comfortable. The best way to extend the life of your air conditioning system is to be mindful of its use and to perform general maintenance on it regularly. Just like a car needs an oil change, your a/c system
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Why is my A/C not cold?
As much as most people love summer, heat and humidity can make you miserable. The key is to have a reliable a/c unit. The question is, how do you know when is it time to replace your old a/c unit? Should you replace the unit, or should you repair it? Here are some tips to help you decide how to proceed. Energy Assessment Have an energy assessment conducted to see if your home has any
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smart thermostats save money
Homes are becoming more and more advanced in the technology realm. Refrigerators that remind you to buy milk, doors that can lock themselves, and showers that remember your water temperature preferences. While some of these advancements may seem a bit frivolous, one thing is true – smart thermostats save money. This little piece of technology is a smart investment and also gives you peace of mind. Many people talk themselves out of purchasing a smart
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