COVID-19 Updated Policies

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COVID-19 Updated Policies

Dear Weather Crafters family,

I wanted to take this time to let you know what Weather Crafters, Ltd. is doing to provide you with safe service during these uncertain times. We are as concerned as you about the health of everyone, our customers and technicians.

Each morning we check with our technicians to ensure none of them have any symptoms of the coronavirus, and if they are experiencing any symptoms, we are sending them home until the symptoms disappear.

We have antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer on site at our offices and on our vehicles for each of our technicians to wash their hands to protect us and our customers.

Our technicians will also be wearing thick disposable gloves for protection. We have additionally ordered face masks which will be arriving at the end of March (we cannot find any locally) and will be wearing them on site.

Our technicians are friendly but, we are following the CDC’s guidelines regarding “social distancing” by keeping at least 6’ spacing. We will also avoid shaking hands during this time.

Please remember that we want to keep you comfortable in your house, and also safe at the same time. We are very flexible when we arrive at your home and can accommodate you in many ways. For example, if you are having a problem with your furnace and it’s located in your garage we don’t need to enter the house and we can simple ask you a few simple questions at your door at a safe distance and maybe have you control the thermostat for us.

We can send you your receipt by email (please make sure it is on file) and you can call in a credit card from your home while we are on site to avoid having to sign paperwork or a phone.

During this national emergency Weather Crafters will continue to provide superior service during our normal service hours. Just like we have been doing for over 48 years. If you have any questions please call or email.

Be Healthy and Stay Safe,
Jim Smith Jr.
VP-Weather Crafters Ltd ([email protected])