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What is a whole house humidifier?

A whole house humidifier is a device that is attached to your furnace. When the warm air blows through your duct work it passes through the moist filter, making the air more humid. We think of humid as a negative, but in the winter the air often gets too dry, bothering our breathing or drying our skin excessively. A furnace humidifier will simply check the moisture in the air, and if it gets too low, add some water to the air.

Many people will use humidifiers in the winter months, and that definitely helps. The problem with that is it can be difficult to remember to fill them up, and they are not that effective. Plus you need one for every room, which makes it even more difficult.

Installing a humidifier on your furnace will help relieve some of those winter month colds, headaches, allergies, and respiratory issues from bothering you and your family as much.

Another fine advantage of a whole house humidifier is that it can save you money. Many of our customers find that they can even lower the set point on their thermostat and feel just as comfortable.

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