Using UV Lights to Clean your Air

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Using UV Lights to Clean your Air

Indoor air quality in your home is a constant struggle. Traditionally home owners have relied on air filters in the HVAC systems to keep all the airborne creepy crawlies under control. 

Filters trap things floating through the air – such as dust, pet hair, and pollen. However, smaller particles slip through the filter and keep circulating through your home. They are in the air you breath and they settle on the countertops, your toothbrush, and everything else in your home.

So how do you combat a germ-a-phobe’s worst nightmare? With the power of light! Use UV lights to clean your air. You might be surprised to know that outdoor air generally contains less pollutants and germs than indoor air. This is because the UV rays produced by the sun keep many airborne microorganisms under control – killing bacterias, viruses, mold, and other nasty things that travel through the air. UV lights, such as the Ultramax, can produce the same bacteria-destroying properties as the sun and help to improve the air quality in your home.

The Ultramax is installed inside your existing HVAC system and  using UV lights to clean your air couldn’t be easier. It is mounted near the indoor coil and keeps mold and other allergens from growing on the coil.

Because all the air in your home circulates through the HVAC system and ductwork, the powerful UV lights produced by the Ultramax will come into contact with pretty much all the air in your home. Not only does the Ultramax clean your air – it also cleans your HVAC system by removing mold and mildew that might build up inside the ductwork. This allows your HVAC to run more efficiently, saving you energy and money. The Ultramax is an awesome addition to any home. It is easy to install, it sits inside your already-existing HVAC system so it is out of the way, and it runs silently so you won’t have an annoying humming sound.

Why wait to purchase an Utramax UV Light? Every second you wait, you are breathing in bacteria and germs. Contact Weather Crafters today to hear about our special promotions for Ultramax UV Lights and how your family can benefit from  using UV lights to clean your air. We can answer any questions you have, help determine which model would be best for your home, and help with installation. Put a stop to breathing dirty air! Call Weather Crafters now!

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