Why is my A/C not cold?

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Why is my A/C not cold?

Why is my A/C not cold?

With summer here, and temperatures rising, many of us are turning to our a/c unit for relief. However, sometimes you might go to adjust the temperature again and again. This leads you to wonder “Why is my a/c not cold?”. There are quite a few reasons that your a/c unit may not be performing optimally, at a level that is comfortable to you. If you are having a problem with this, there are few things you can do on your own, and some things require you to call an a/c professional. Here at Weather Crafters we are here to help you with anything you need – whether it’s a A/C service call or just answering a question.Here are a few causes for your a/c to not be cold:


If you are wondering “Why is my a/c not cold?”, one reason could simply be that the vents in your home are either blocked or closed. Vents should never be closed, because the blocked air causes your HVAC unit to work harder. The blocked air backs up in the duct work, and pushes against the air that is trying to flow out to the rest of your home, creating a traffic jam. If a vent is blocked, by a couch, a hanging curtain, or something else, air is also flowing inefficiently and backing up the system. This makes your HVAC unit work harder, shortening it’s lifespan and causing you to wonder why your home isn’t cool. To check for this issue, take a quick walkthrough of your home and check that all your vents are fully open and that there is nothing blocking airflow.


Changing the air filter in your HVAC unit has a variety of benefits. Not only does it keep the air in your home cleaner, it also allows your a/c unit to work properly. A filter that is clogged with dust and debris won’t let air flow through it properly. This means that your a/c unit is working harder and the blocked air may be the reason that your home isn’t as cool as it should be this summer. Filters should be changed about every 3 months, but it can vary based on the type of filter you have. Read the packaging of your filter to see exactly when things should be changed.

Outside debris

HVAC units are generally located outside of your home. This means that they are subject to the wind and the weather. If you are having issues with your unit running efficiently, check to see if any grass, leaves, or other debris has piled up around it. The part of your a/c unit that is outside is called the condenser. It takes the heat from inside your home and cools it with a fan. If the condenser is blocked, it can’t get rid of the heat, which will effect the temperature in your home.


Air ducts are like the veins of your HVAC system. They carry the cooled air from the condenser into the various rooms of your home. Your a/c unit may be cooling air just fine, but if your air ducts are leaky, that can cause a problem. The cooled air will seep out into your attic or crawlspace, instead of going where it’s supposed to. To check for leaks in your air ducts, contact Weather Crafters today to schedule an inspection today.


If your a/c unit is low on refrigerant, this could be the reason you are wondering “Why is my a/c not cold?”. However, this could point to a bigger problem. Refrigerant should never need to be replaced. Refrigerant circulates through your a/c unit and is reused over and over again, for the life of the a/c unit. If your refrigerant is low, this means there is a leak in the line somewhere. Call an a/c specialist to come check and repair the leak.


In the case of a/c units, size does matter. Your unit may not seem to be cooling simply because it isn’t made for the size of your home. A/c units are rated for the amount of square footage they can supply cool air to. If you have a unit that is too small, then it is time to replace it with a larger one. If you keep running the unit, you will be pouring money out the window because it just won’t be able to keep up with the demand of your home.


Another cause of an a/c unit that doesn’t seem cold may be that your home is not properly insulated. Check for air leaks anywhere there is an opening – such as exterior doors and windows, and the entrances to attics and basements. If these spaces allow air to flow in and out, then your cooled air is pouring outside, rather than staying in and cooling your home. Your a/c unit may not be able to cool the inside air as fast as it leaks out.


Don’t let the heat get to you, get to the root of your a/c unit’s problem! If your a/c unit is not performing because it needs service or repair, give Weather Crafters a call today.

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