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What is a Smart Thermostat? A smart thermostat is a thermostat that can be controlled remotely with a phone, smart speaker, tablet or other internet-connected device. They allow you to set the temperature of your house according to your needs verbally using a smart speaker or from work or while on vacation using your phone or tablet. Some can diagnose when there is a problem with your HVAC system, or monitor your energy consumption.

Connected Savings thru Dominion

Use your smart thermostat to make your home even more efficient through the Dominion Energy WeatherSmartSM Program and the Smart Thermostat Rewards Program! Your smart thermostat already helps you save energy and money while keeping you comfortable in your home, but you can also earn rewards by optimizing your thermostat schedule and participating in energy events. Learn more about these programs here.

Earn $35 for Participating in the Dominion Energy Smart Thermostat Rewards Program

When you sign up for the Smart Thermostat Rewards Program, you allow Dominion Energy to make minor, short-term adjustments to your thermostat settings via your Wi-Fi thermostat. This small change (usually 1-3°) reduces power use during periods of high demand for electricity and reduces strain on the electric grid. In most cases, you won’t notice adjustments to your home’s HVAC system, or your comfort. And you’ll always have ultimate control. How to earn the rewards:

  • Enroll your smart thermostat(s) in the Smart Thermostat Rewards Program
  • Participate in 75% of the total event hours during the summer season* (April – September, between the hours of 6 AM – 10 PM). You will receive $35 in the first year and $10 per year thereafter for your participation.
  • You can override the temperature during an energy event. This will opt you out of the scheduled event, which impacts your participation rate.
    Receive a monthly report with energy-saving recommendations via email.

*Events typically occur during the summer months, but could occur other times of the year.

Earn $10 each year for your participation in the Dominion Energy WeatherSmartSM Program.

The WeatherSmart Program uses your thermostat schedule, local weather data, and your personal smart thermostat data to learn how your house reacts to various weather conditions. Using these insights, your thermostat can automatically make customized adjustments for your home resulting in additional energy savings.

Participants will also receive:

  • A $10 payment on your program anniversary month when you stay enrolled in the program.
  • A monthly report with energy-saving recommendations via email.

It’s easy, get started today! Enroll your smart thermostat* in the WeatherSmart program. You will receive a confirmation email once your enrollment has been processed.

*Your thermostat must have a schedule in place.

What are the Benefits of having a Smart Thermostat?

1. Saves Energy – Smart thermostats save energy by minimizing human error. You don’t have to remember to set the thermostat to save energy while you are at work and then reset it when you get home. You just schedule the Smart thermostat to the time and temperature and it does the work, consistently, saving you on heating or cooling bills.

2. Convenient – You can adjust the temperature from anywhere. If you come home early, you can change the temperature before you get there. If you are still in bed and want it a bit warmer or cooler, you can bump up or down the temperature without leaving the pillow.

3. Keeps an eye on your home – You can check to see if the heat is running and what the temperature of your home (or your second home) is. Some models will even send you emails when your home’s temperature deviates from the pre-set range or if your thermostat is disconnected from the network, like in a storm power outage.

4. Track energy usage – Some models will analyze your energy usage. You can compare what your heating or a/c usage was from month to month or even compare with what others used.

5. Vacation mode – It is easy to set your Smart thermostat to vacation mode without messing up your regular settings. You can monitor your home’s temperature, or just forget about it until your vacation is over. Then remotely take it off Vacation mode and your home will be comfortable by the time you arrive.

Should I have a professional install my Smart Thermostat? Yes, it would be best to have a professional install your Smart Thermostat. Most homes with modern heating and cooling systems can upgrade to a Smart Thermostat. However, since there are so many different types of HVAC systems, it would be best to have a professional who can confirm your system’s compatibility with a Smart Thermostat. Depending on your wiring, you may need an adaptor kit. Your HVAC professional would know which Smart Thermostats would work best with your system.